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A sure sign of a dirty kitchen in pubs and restaurants is an uncleaned canopy and grease extract above the cooking range. Duct cleaning is still not a priority for 'Scores on the Doors' - a Government website that allows consumers to make informed choices about the places in which they eat and to encourage businesses to improve hygiene standards.

It is amazing that one of the key signs of a dirty kitchen is often completely overlooked: the ventilation canopy (the area above the cooking range) and the connected ductwork system can, if not cleaned , lead to the oil and grease from the cooking process dripping back from the canopy and filters onto the food cooking below.

If the ductwork lacks access panels to enable sufficient cleaning to be undertaken, or you can see evidence of grease residues on the outside of the ductwork, the system will have never been cleaned. FACT. Whilst we support the notion of 'Scores On The Doors', surely part of their reviewing activities should be to also focusing on ductwork and duct cleaning in restaurants as a duty for their cu stomers who refer to this site".

Next time you go out to eat - have a look at the ductwork system that will either run up the side of the building like this or is on the roof.

Also, If you let the fire brigade know, you will be doing everyone a favour because uncleaned grease extract systems are, according to the Fire Services, also the biggest risk of fire and loss of life in most commercial buildings in the UK